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  1. killallskellys:

    i haven’t actually read homestuck for about a year, but here is kanaya as a secret agent for some reason.

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  2. jaclcfrost:

    ahaha yeah my feelings for that character have totally calmed down [sees picture of them] ahaha never mind. aha. ha. i lied. i fucking lied. i lied so much ahahaha i’m a fucking liar i have no control in my life ahaha help me

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  3. extremeinsanist:

    It seems like Homestuck might have its final update soon. Which means the Homestuck fandom will do what 4chan could not.

    Destroy Tumblr

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  4. thescienceofanonymity:

    get the booty

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  6. lassemily:

    ic ant believe this

  7. mashedpootato:

    smooches each and every one of you

  8. pornchildren:

    lil brojohn for anon

    there are so many awesome palette drawings on my dash im really pumped ‘o’

  9. strong-titan-eren:

    I like how the Homestuck fandom hates on incestuous and technically pedophilic ships but no one brings up that they all go to conventions and make out with each other.

  10. grubtier: