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    consider: dmab femme genderfluid roxy

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    You’d think with my track record I’d accuse Vriska of being sociopathic, but she doesn’t really fit. She’s not deceptive that often, and when she is she’s not very good at it. She’ll try to divert blame, but that seems like more of a defense mechanism than an inability to feel guilt, because occasionally (very occasionally) something hammers through her skull enough to make her feel bad. People abandoning her seem to upset her beyond the whole ‘oh god my audience is shrinking’ thing, like she’s taking it as a personal judgment. If anything, she might be closer to borderline, but I’m not a psychologist. I had one year of SL.

    Meanwhile Aranea edits and twists what she says. She makes plans to feed her ego and doesn’t care who she hurts along the way. Her comments about Meenah behind her back (the person she described as her only friend) suggest she doesn’t think much of her. She happily lists off atrocities committed by her post-scratch self and others without really finding it horrible. It’s just interesting. So yeah if one of the Serkets has ASPD, I’d pin it on her. 

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    The only ship that matters

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  4. http://gaaraofsburbia.tumblr.com/post/93216161827/deliverusfromsburb-i-think-my-favorite-rose



    I think my favorite Rose bogus psychology moment was when she accuses Dave of having aspd and he gets really offended about it even though it’s clear he has no idea what that means

    he has no clue she’s calling him a sociopath he’s just like yep rose…


    TT: Will this suffice?

    Dirk / John


    Babies and their guardians O w O

    Feel like doing babystuck!

    I guess this is my canon for the guardians then O w O

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  5. Reblog if you’re homestuck trash

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    someone requested this like a million years ago and i have no idea who or what my url was at the time

    but yeah trans guy dirk sewing his own binder ??? eh??

  7. are we still doing gender headcanons because DFAB(in humanstuck at least, since genitalia doesnt matter to trolls) bigender sollux whos a really cute boy but also a really cute girl and nobody knows what to do because whether he's a he or she's a she, they're always really cute


    can i get a massive hell yes

    because hell yes

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    this is as finished as it’s going to get

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