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    so this was parked in front of our hotel

    Oh god

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    where are they now: canon homestuck urls

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    Remember when I was gonna do Kinstuck? Yeah me neither.

    The Peixes’s are the smallest of the Humanized families, but also the richest and most awesome. Along with owning half the town, Condy runs the preferred summer hangout spot “Glub Glub Waterpark” and makes her daughters Meenah and Feferi work there during the summer (along with Cronus and Eridan, Feferi convinces Eridan to work with her every year even though he hates it, Cronus just likes scamming on cute people in swimsuits. :P)

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    still my favorite part of homestuck

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    Reblog if you post homestuck, I’ll follow you


    All Homestuck!

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    i forgot his shades, but i cant really be bothered to go back and add them, ya feel?

  7. faun-songs:

    I decided to finish a doodle I had done?

    Omg Dirk only you can fight an army of drones and still have your hair perfect
    Eridan is bursting with jealousy over there.

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    GG: And now I feel so humiliated I just want to die.

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